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Make a change for the better!

Care taken over one's appearance is an investment which pays back unfaltering respect and self-confidence.

If you’re looking for a complete makeover, if you just want to fine-tune how you look, or if you just want to learn something new, visit us! We’ll teach you…
- to define the lines of your face and so choose your hairstyle, the shape of your neckline/collar, the glasses which best suit you;
- to reappraise your figure (and the flawless/problematic areas) and to wear the most suitable style of clothes;
- to understand your own natural colouring as well as how different colours show you in a different light;
- to manage a basic skin-care routine and to keep your face and hair in perfect condition
- to plan your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and budget.
Professional colour analysis
Based on the natural colouring of your skin, hair and eyes we determine which colour type you are and, using basic tints, we show you which shades of these colours suit you the most and positively emphasise your colour type. In the future you will then be able to recognize the shades that suit you and the ones you shouldn’t wear. When deciding on your colour type we also recommend a suitable colour for your hair and the make-up colours that would best suit you.
Personal Image Book
Presenting your personality is all about the first few minutes, which is why it is important to make this first impression as good and effective as possible. This is where Annex – your make-up artist and image-maker – can help you.

For your clothes to look great and for you to feel comfortable and confident in them, they need to fit perfectly and give the impression that they were tailor-made for you. The key which opens this wardrobe of perfection, in which you will only find clothes that suit you (from outfits for work to beachwear), is to understand the shape of your figure!

We can advise you on your wardrobe, hairstyle, accessories (cosmetics, glasses, watch, briefcase) or for fitting yourself out for your free time, even buying sportswear.

Personal Image Book
  • A detailed analysis of bodily proportions, assessment of figure type, face shape and image type
  • Optical figure-shaping
  • Rules of appropriate dress in the context of work and leisure time
  • Style consultancy – developing your personal style to suit your profession, colour and image type. Customising your “Personal Image Book”.
  • Recommending a suitable hairstyle and accessories
  • Specialist consultancy and assistance – buying clothes and accessories, organising your wardrobe
    Photo make-up
    We can help you to present yourself in the best light through photographs, i.e. to suit a precisely motivated photograph we will do your make-up and style your hair (face and figure visible in the photo) and will advise you on picking out some fashionable clothes; in association with the Association of Makeup Artists and Stylists of the Czech Republic we can also set up a professional photo-shoot in a studio. To present our work we use our own complete book with a series of professional photographs of models.

    We will do your photo make-up
       - work
       - for models for their own portfolio
       - to present sportswear and sport
       - other occasions and wishes can be arranged
    Looking good = feeling great!