Why take care of how we look?? An eye-catching look = a great feeling + extra self-confidence!!!
It is the natural desire of every woman, and also of many men, to be attractive. We have many ways to adorn ourselves. A problem can arise when, faced with all the options available, we have to choose the exact style which suits us. And this is when it is time to visit an image-maker, a specialist for your image. Image is a very powerful tool to help you create the impression you want for yourself or for your company!

Welcome to the website of ANNEX Image Consultant,
Anna Smrčková – your make-up artist and image-maker.
Member of the Association of Makeup Artists and Stylists of the Czech Republic
Who we are
The owner of Annex, Anna Smrčková, set up the company in 1993. The firm was primarily oriented towards the clothing industry. Later she built on her comprehensive training as a certified image-maker (and she became a member of the Association of Makeup Artists and Stylists of the Czech Republic) with the addition of other PIB (Personal Image Book) certificates, clothing consultancy, Style, Hairstyling for image-makers, Advanced colour analysis, Photo-makeup I and II, and photo tests in modelling. She regularly participates in workshops aiming at flexible perfection in trendy fields – colours, make-up, fashion, etc.

Annex also works together with renowned providers of interrelated services (see the Interrelated Services section).